Mi Blancanieves (Primera parte)

Teatro musical electroacústico.

Música y texto: Eduardo Kusnir.

Narración y pano: Eduardo Kusnir


El famoso cuento de Blancanieves y los enanitos es soñado por Lily  y reconstruido en la voz que lo narra. Lily sueña los personajes del cuento, pero se ve a sí misma como pianista, a la vez dentro y fuera de los acontecimientos. Lily-pianista espía la acción, convirtiéndose poco a poco en confidente-complice de Blancanieves.

La música de Blancanieves fue compuesta en 1980, a partir de sonidos de un sintetizador ARP 2600. Desde entonces la pieza sufrió numerosos cambios, habiendo sido presentada en diversos formatos que combinan lo musical y lo teatral.

Mezcla final: estudio Charybde, Bourges




JUEGOS I (fragmento)

Title: Juegos I (Fede and the cat)

First Part: "Fede"

Composer: Eduardo Kusnir

Piano & electronic sounds

Pianist: Eduardo Kusnir

 This is the first piece of a series of "Juegos". The word "juego", in spanish  means game and also entertainment, amusement and play: an enjoyable activity, sometimes with rules as in a child's game. In a few words,  this is the sense that I conferred upon the music. The execution itself must be "an enjoyable activity" for the pianist, who must play the score like a very bright child.

There are two players in the "game": the pianist and the sounds (electronic + voice) on tape. The second "player" (the tape) is a passive one, whose mission is to provoke a reaction from the pianist. What kind of reaction? That which is indicated in the score.

Part I is "Fed". "Fed" comes from "Federico", and this specific "Federico" refers to the poet  Federico García Lorca  and the recorded voice is borrowed from the composition "Aires granadinos" by Francis Schwartz.

Part II is "the cat". During this section, the word "cat" becomes transformed into "Catalina" (Katherine). The cat's name? Perhaps.

So "Fede and the cat" may be understood in different ways: 1) as "Federico" (García Lorca) and (his) "cat"; or 2) a game between somebody named Federico and (his friend) Katherine. But the pianist also  plays the game. Thus we have: Federico, Katherine and the pianist, an interesting "menage à trois"...